[Tochigi] Wild field Ojika[ワイルドフィールズおじか]

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How to camping in JAPAN

Basic information

Address  502-1, Yokokawa, Nikko-shi, Tochigi, 321-2801
Contact  0288-79-0088
Trash  Yes
Check-in  14:00~18:00
Check-out  ~11:00
Coin-operated laundry  Yes
Coin-operated shower  Yes (free)
Direct bonfire can be on the ground  No

>>Official HP

Usage fee

Car traffic site  5,000 Yen


Free set-up possible site  1,000Yen


Utilization of the day only Adults 800 yen Children 500 yen


Cottage 10,000 yen yen ~25,000 (different depending on the type. For more information on HP)

※You can not drive over to the tent site by car. You carry your luggage up to tent site in the Carts.
The distance from the parking lot to the tent site is about 100m compartment site, in both the free site.

Photo of campsite

Compartment camp site

Free set-up possible site



Recommended point

Rentable challenge to canoe in the 500 yen per hour! !
Fish to clean the pond too! And also the natural rich trekking field ahead of the wild field!
※ However canoe experience is not quite as authentic. Only row the in a small pond.

The nearest supermarket

There is no almost super around! A 10-minute drive from Road Station Tajima before and after (vegetables is .FreeWi-Fi sells)
It takes about a 45-minute drive from the York-Benimaru Tajima shop.
Because when you come from the Tokyo area and campground down IC Nishinasuno has York-Benimaru if Hashire about 5 minutes in the opposite direction, where Let’s finish all the shopping!


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