[Kochi]Shimanto river campground[四万十川キャンプ場]

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How to camping in JAPAN

Basic information

Address Nyuta,Shimanto-city,Kochi
Contact  0880-37-0608
Trash  No
Check-in  Free
Check-out  Free
Coin-operated laundry  No
Coin-operated shower  No
Direct bonfire can be on the ground  No

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Usage fee


However , because the report is required , it must be the phone.(0880-37-0608)

Photo of campsite

campsite campsite campsite

Although you can use for free, you can not drive over to the tent site by car.



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Note of caution.

Recommended point

Shimanto River is as beautiful clear stream.

It is a very famous tourist destination.

The nearest supermarket

You can go to the supermarket in 20 minutes by car.

It more detailed contents is introduced in Japanese.


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