[ Fukushima ]Seseragi Koen Auto campground [せせらぎ公園オートキャンプ場]

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How to camping in JAPAN

Basic information

Address  Please search with the “せせらぎ公園オートキャンプ場” in Google Maps.
Contact  0242-57-1225
Trash  YES
Check-in  13:00~17:00
Check-out  9:00~11:00
Coin-operated laundry  NONE
Coin-operated shower  NONE
Direct bonfire can be on the ground  BAN

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Usage fee

Site fee
  •  Powered: 4,320 yen
  • Without power: 3,240 yen

Photo of campsite

Trailer house :  15,120 yen

Trailer house : 15,120 yen

Truly delicious asparagus. Let's buy a thing of local produce in the vicinity of the agricultural cooperative.

Truly delicious asparagus. Let’s buy a thing of local produce in the vicinity of the agricultural cooperative.

Car traffic site

Car traffic site

IMG_1776 IMG_1819 IMG_1794

Recommended point

About a 5-minute walk from the bath. 5 minutes by car supermarket, up to a convenience store. A 20-minute drive from the Aizu-Wakamatsu, a 50-minute drive from Inawashiro, Bandai, 35 in the car until the Fukushima Prefecture of attractions “Ouchi juku [大内宿]“. Great location for shopping in this way tourism.

Delicious vegetables and rice and wine. Especially asparagus aizumisato production is really delicious. You’d better absolute ate.

The nearest supermarket

We go to the local supermarket “V chain [ブイチェーン] ” in a 5-minute little car. The basic ingredients can be purchased there.
Since there is immediately Komeri Co., Ltd. of home improvement next to, you can buy even camping equipment!

It more detailed contents is introduced in Japanese.

キャンプ場巡りをしながら日本一周している僕らが福島県 せせらぎ公園オートキャンプ場をレポート!!小川キャンパルのテントがレンタルできる珍しいキャンプ場です。管理人の皆さんの人柄も抜群!

In this website we are calling the campground information of Japan.

Everyone was tired of the usual Japanese tourist. Do not camp in Japan?

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