[HOKKAIDO] Esan kaihin koen [恵山海浜公園] camp site

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How to camping in JAPAN

Basic information

Address  22-1, Hinohamacho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido, 041-0525
Contact  0138-85-4010
Trash  BAN
Check-in  ~17:45
Check-out  ~10:00
Coin-operated laundry  NONE
Coin-operated shower  NONE
Direct bonfire can be on the ground  NO

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Usage fee

Admission fee  Use at least three people : 500 yen

Use two people below : 300 yen

※Free set-up site only. You can not drive over to the tent site by car. You carry your luggage up to tent site in the Carts.

Photo of campsite

Accepted at the station of the road next to the campsite.

Accepted at the station of the road next to the campsite.


Free set-up site. There is look far Mt. Esan.


Toilet. Since the night would be closed, and use the toilet of the Road Station.


Kitchen & Water place

IMG_3705 IMG_3703

Recommended point


Despite the inside of so much wonderful scenery, usage fee of cheap.

The nearest supermarket

Since no supermarket near, let’s continue to buy in Hakodate city! Convenience store is just the place across the road Lawson.

Because there is a lot of hot springs, and lost to choose. Free hot spring “Mizunashi seaside hot spring [水無海浜温泉] ” is located in the place of about 20 minutes by car!

It more detailed contents is introduced in Japanese.


In this website we are calling the campground information of Japan.

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