How to camping in JAPAN

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How to camping in JAPAN

In Japan,We usually enjoy camping on the weekendWe call camping to stay at the tent, and also to stay at the cottage is called camping.

At first, We enjoy to stay at cottage and then enjoy to stay at tent.

After having introduced Japanese camping culture by this article, I explain it how you can enjoy camping in Japan if you want to do it.


Introduce camping ground of Japan

There are about 3,000 campgrounds in Japan and the free campground is included in that, too.

In Japan,we call the place where we can ride it onto by car to the campsite “an Auto campground”.

There are about 1,200 places of them in Japan.

This is an Auto campground

This is an Auto campground

On the other hand, “campground” means the place where we cannot ride the car except it onto.

In this case after having stopped a car in the parking lot, it is necessary to carry a camping tool by yourself.



The campground is cheaper than “Auto campground”.

Depends on the place,”Campground” is 0 Yen ~ 3,000 Yen(1 Family) and “Auto campground” is 3,000 Yen ~ 7,000 Yen.

The campground around Narita Airport is expensive, but there are a lot of free or cheap campgrounds in Hokkaido.

How to camp in Japan

camping in Japan

If you want to do camping in Japan, you should rent a car.

Some Taiwanese bring their camping tool from their country and have enjoyed camping in Hokkaido.

They have rent a car near airport.

Hokkaido of Japan is a big island in the north most. You can hold down an expense if you do a camping trip.

Then how should the person who cannot bring in a camping tool have it?

I think that you can rent a camping tool in “Auto campground”.

The big Auto campground has a rental tool for visitor.

For example, Kita-Karuizawa Sweet Grass(Gunma)




Daigo Green Villa(Ibaraki)


They are very kind for visitors and one of the most popular Auto campground in Japan.

Almost Japanese people can’t speak English but there Auto campgrounds staff may be able to speak English a little.

These campground can use about 5,000~6,000Yen per one family(3~4people).

And camp tool can rent about 10,000Yen~15,000Yen.

Green Villa has rental set (tent,mattress,sleeping bag,table,chair,lantern,etc)for beginners 13,200Yen.

As result, you should choose a Auto campground if you can’t bring your camp tool in Japan.

Because some Campground doesn’t have rental tool for customer.

Please keep in touch me.


However, most campgrounds cannot accept a foreigner due to they has a problem of the language and do not have the acceptance system.

Therefore, I am going to make system foreigner can enjoy camping in Japan.

However, the person who wants to camp in Japan, please contact me because it has not been yet completed.

I have connection some campground manager.

I might be able to help your request to stay camp in Japan.


In this website we are calling the campground information of Japan.

Everyone was tired of the usual Japanese tourist. Do not camp in Japan?

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