[HOKKAIDO] Hoshi ni Te no Todoku Oka campsite [星に手の届く丘キャンプ場]

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How to camping in JAPAN

Basic information


Hitsuzinooka, Beberui, Nakafurano-cho Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido, 071-0711

MAP CODE: 349-199-044*01

Contact  0167-44-3977 ※Please make a reservation always. It is a very popular campground.
Trash  YES
Check-in  13:00~17:00
Check-out  Tent: ~11:00

Bungalow: ~10:00

Coin-operated laundry  NONE
Coin-operated shower  NONE
Direct bonfire can be on the ground  It is a part, but there is a site that can open fire on the ground. ※ In Japan, you can not open fire and do not use the fire base.

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Usage fee

Admission fee  Adults 600 yen, children 300 yen

Car traffic fee  1000 yen

※ If your are one or bike ride, fee will be 400 yen rather than the 1000 yen.

Besides there is also a bungalow and camper-only fee. Please see the link below all means. ※ However linked web site is Japanese.

Photo of campsite


Camp site is all lawn. In addition, it overlooks the Furano city from the campsite!

There are several types of bungalows.

There are several types of bungalows.

a site that can open fire on the ground

a site that can open fire on the ground

Toilet & Water place. It must not enter into in a state in which the shoes.

Toilet & Water place. It must not enter into in a state in which the shoes.


Recommended point


To not be introduced just one point will introduce two of the recommended point!
First rarity of Genghis Khan! 3 kinds of lamb meat is a rarity. You can also use other than camping hotel guest. Great popular because, let’s be sure as well as the reservation of booking.


At the same! Another recommended point is the night sky to say the.
The meaning of “Hoshi ni te no todoku oka” is a hill that reach to the stars. As the name of the camping, star is beautiful best. It also looks shooting star, also you can see the Milky Way!

The nearest supermarket

You go to shopping in 30 minutes away, a lot of spot drop in tourism, such as wine and lavender and vegetable plantations in the vicinity of Furano! !

Hot Springs has an open-air bath “Fukiage roten no yu [吹上露天の湯]” to put free if Hashire 30 minutes little by car. When it was came to Furano should go here! ! ! (However, because of the free open-air mixed bathing, and, shampoo, soap can not be used)

It more detailed contents is introduced in Japanese.

どーも!キャンプ日本一周中 佐久間亮介(@sakumanx)です。北海道富良野にある「星に手のとどく丘キャンプ場」をご紹介!!住所:北海道空知郡中富良野町中富良野ベベルイ ひつじの丘内(ナビでは「ひつじの丘」で出ることもあります。)問合せ先

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