[ Miyagi ] Hatasaka camp site [旗坂キャンプ場]

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How to camping in JAPAN

Basic information

Address  Please search with the “旗坂野営場” in the Google map.
Contact  ※Reservations of tent site is not required
Trash  BAN
Check-in  FREE
Check-out  FREE
Coin-operated laundry  NONE
Coin-operated shower  NONE
Direct bonfire can be on the ground  BAN

Usage fee


※You can not drive over to the tent site by car. You carry your luggage up to tent site in the Carts.

Photo of campsite



Kitchen & Water place

Kitchen & Water place

IMG_2123  IMG_2135 IMG_2138  IMG_2148

Recommended point



Nature does not seem to contain the hand of man. It seems to be totally of Hokkaido of unexplored region.

However, please refer to the note because it is a habitat of the bear!

The nearest supermarket

There is a supermarket that SEIYU in place of about one hour by car!
Because it does not go and does not get off the mountain to forget to buy it is careful!

It more detailed contents is introduced in Japanese.

どーも!キャンプ日本一周中 佐久間亮介(@sakumanx)です。宮城県大和町にある「旗坂キャンプ場(野営場)」をご紹介!!動画での紹介はこちら↓ オートキャンプではないので駐車場から荷物を運びます。 炊事場、トイレなど最低限の施設は

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